Serenity - Solar 64

  • Category: 
  • Type: 
  • Manufacturer: 
  • Model: 
    Solar 64
  • Length: 
    64 metres
  • Beam: 
    31 metres
  • Draft: 
    2.3 metres
  • Propulsion: 
  • Engine manufacturer: 
    Nanni Diesel
  • No. of engines: 
  • Fuel: 
  • Material hull: 

Additional Information

  • No. of cabins: 
  • No. of berths: 

Change the way you think! Available as a 'Plug-in Hybrid’ the Serenity 64 Solar Powered Cruiser is on the market and is available at an extremely reasonable price. The catamaran's interior and exterior are completely customisable.

With the first yacht finished and delivered. Production of the next yachts will be available soon, these yacht will run at voyager speed 8knots indefinitely with no need to use the twin auxiliary diesel motors - Or alternatively run as a Hybrid at speed up to 18 knots. The yacht is powered by a large surface area of solar panels and under all-electric produces no emissions and is completely noiseless.

The components of the Serenity Catamaran are configured for long-range solar-cruising. The light-weight Lithium-Batteries provide ample energy for the propulsion as well as for all household appliances day and night, so there is no need to search for a marina to charge the batteries or refuel

With an unlimited range at voyager speed, the Serenity Catamaran is completely independent. Due to the reduction of the operation of diesel engines and generators, the Cruiser is more simple, needs less maintenance and costs less to run than any conventional motor or sail yacht.

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